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list-check Directly apply to your specific research

list-check Easily optimize your image analysis workflows


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Delmic is a passionate high-tech company based in Delft, Netherlands that develops powerful and user-friendly solutions for electron microscopy, bringing life science and material science researchers and organizations closer to research insights across diverse application fields.


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“Delmic's team provided valuable consultations on new functionalities and promptly addressed their demands for additional information, fostering a friendly and efficient collaboration.”

Prof. Nahid Talebi Kiel University

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“Delmic were sure to arrange a feedback session a few weeks after installation to give us some time to get used to the system and make sure any questions were addressed. They have also been very helpful in suggesting modifications to the calibrations and working procedures to adapt to our specific applications and more challenging samples.”

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Förster Structural Biology Lab, Utrecht University

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“We typically don’t take 3D images because if you have a large area, it takes us 6 hours for one 2D image. If you want to have a thousand sections, it will take a year. If you now have a very fast microscope, we can go for 3D imaging within a week of such a section.”

Ben Giepmans, Principal Investigator University Medical Center Groningen

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