Image your electron microscopy samples 100 times faster

Meet FAST-EM, an automated multibeam electron microscope, which creates a fundamental shift in EM where unprecedented volumes can be imaged at the nanoscale, freeing up your time to focus on data analysis and interpretation.

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Megafield of a pancreatic islet captured by FAST-EM multibeam electron microscope
Megafield of a pancreatic islet. Sample courtesy of Ben Giepmans' group, Department of Cell Biology, University Medical Center Groningen.

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With powerful and user-friendly integrated light and electron microscopy solutions we help researchers and companies to achieve results faster, accelerate development and answer fundamental questions about the world.

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Used worldwide, our solutions are available and cater to a broad range of users in fields of life science, geology, materials science and nanophotonics.

Professor Cameron Davidson or Carleton College

The images have exceeded our expectations and the acquisition time is remarkably fast compared to CL systems I have used in the past. The large area mapping and stitching capabilities of the Delmic software are phenomenal.

Prof. Cameron Davidson


Carleton College

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