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Do you have a project in mind but no system on the market is capable of doing what you need? The Delmic development team can make anything possible! Here are some of the most interesting and challenging non-standard projects we have accomplished throughout the years. Make sure to reach out to us if you want us to help you.

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Our customers choose us for multiple reasons: trust, our expertise in the cathodoluminescence field, and of course our easy-to-use and powerful systems. But above all, because our priority is to help our customers to advance their research. That's why in the past few years, we have completed several non-standard requests: systems that are unique and customized based on the specific request. 

Keep reading below to learn what these systems are capable of and how our customers are using them.

Non-standard projects

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Focus on your work, not the instrument

We develop solutions that make your work and life easier

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Feel supported

We are always here to provide you with careful and quick service and support from our experts tailored to your specific challenges

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Achieve breakthroughs in your field

Get closer to answering questions with systems that are powerful and easy-to-use

Customize your solution

Let our developers help you by creating the system that perfectly fits your work or research

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We needed a tool able to experimentally measure where and how light is concentrated and focused and the SPARC Spectral system was perfect for us.

Dr. Ruggero Verre


Chalmers University of Technology

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And what about our standard CL Solutions? All our systems are customizable and modular and can be easily adjusted to your research. 

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