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About Delmic

We are driven to create a greener and healthier future by making microscopy an easy and accessible technique through automation of the entire workflow. That's why we develop powerful and user-friendly solutions, which are helping researchers and companies to get insights faster and easier.

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Our story

Delmic is a passionate high-tech company based in Delft, the Netherlands that develops powerful and user-friendly solutions for light and electron microscopy.

At Delmic, we believe that imaging provides a fundamental understanding of systems and is, therefore, an integral part of creating a better world. Behind each revolutionary discovery lie years of dedicated hard work and the change for the better is not happening overnight: it takes years of reading, researching, analysing the data, writing papers and, of course, imaging samples. We believe that microscopy plays a huge role in advancing the world: it is a fundamental way of understanding how things work and, potentially, improving them.

Since we founded Delmic in 2011, our goal was to create powerful and easy-to-use microscopy systems for the researchers who are looking into the essence of things every day. It all started with our correlative light and electron microscopy system SECOM, which was created together with Charged Particle Optics group of Delft University of Technology. Right after that our cathodoluminescence detector SPARC Spectral was designed together with NWO-Institute AMOLF.

Moved by our desire to make microscopy workflows more accessible for scientists, we brought more cathodoluminescence systems (SPARC Compact, JOLT) and integrated fluorescence and scanning electron microscopes (DELPHI) in the labs all over the world. By 2020 we further expanded our product line to include an ultra-fast multibeam FAST-EM system, as well as solutions that aim to optimize the complex workflows involved in cryo-ET (METEOR, CERES).

In 2021 we are more than even driven to create a cleaner and healthier future by making microscopy an easy and accessible technique. We know that change is happening slowly, but we are here to support every single customer in advancing the world, step by step, nanometer by nanometer.

Our missions

At Cryo Solutions we aim to help you understand how the building blocks of life work with cryo-ET
At CL Solutions we aim to help you understand the optical properties of materials and devices at the nanoscale with cathodoluminescence
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At Fast Imaging we aim to transform electron microscopy into a powerful quantitative tool that provides answers to scientific questions rather than simply qualitative indications

Our Awards

Microscopy Today 2021
2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award (METEOR)
MT-Innovation-award 2015_RES
2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award (Delphi)
2014 MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award
MT-Innovation-award 2013_RES
2013 Microscopy Today Innovation Award (SECOM)