Delmic is a passionate high-tech company based in Delft, Netherlands that develops powerful and user-friendly solutions for electron microscopy, bringing life science and material science researchers and organizations closer to research insights across diverse application fields. Our solutions for life science researchers help them to optimize their cryo-electron tomography(cryo-ET) workflows thereby increasing the throughput of their electron microscopy processes. Our solutions for materials science researchers help them analyze the properties of their materials at the nanoscale using the non-destructive and insightful cathodoluminescence technique.

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Our mission

At Delmic, our goal is to make the world better by automating electron microscopy, making it more accessible. Understanding the nanoscale world is crucial for our future, as many processes occur at this level. Electron microscopes are the most powerful tools for this but are often difficult to use. Our mission is to simplify these tools, automating processes so they can run at the push of a button. Over the past fifty years, electron microscopy has revolutionized our understanding of the world. Delmic aims to make this revolutionary tool as accessible as DNA sequencing is today.


2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award | METEOR
2022 Microscopy Today Innovation Award | FAST-EM
2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award | Delphi
MRS 2014 Innovation in Materials Characterization Award (SPARC)
2013 Microscopy Today Innovation Award | SECOM