Why Delmic?

At Delmic, you will work with energetic and creative professionals and witness the exciting world-leading innovations in microscopy technologies and applications!

Personal development plans that empower employees

Our single best instrument for changing the world is the people we hire - you. Our goal is to provide an environment where you can constantly be learning, growing, and improving yourself. If we help you get a little better every day, it means the company gets better every day. We take growth seriously at Delmic and continuously invest in the future of our employees. This investment includes employee-led workshop sessions, hackathons, formal trainings on Sales and Project Management, and simple knowledge-sharing afternoons. Every employee also has a personal development journey mapped out, ensuring each of them feels confident in achieving their goals. Our HR team facilitates this through periodic review cycles, during which a personal development plan is created based on a ‘skills and competencies’ matrix that employees can use to outline their growth trajectories.


A dynamic work culture

At Delmic, we focus on a culture of personal initiative and responsibility. The success of Delmic relies on the dedication and motivation of our employees. We provide space for growth and initiative within a supportive, safe environment. In development teams, we use a ‘fast failing forward’ approach, solving the biggest problems first and taking risks early to learn from mistakes and keep progressing. We embrace failure as a natural part of the process to achieve greater success. While we strive for ‘first time right’, we avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ by continuously improving. Another key aspect of our culture is ‘effective work’. Productivity is measured by the quality and impact of the work, not hours spent. We have adopted a 6-hour workday of focused work, encouraging team members to eliminate distractions and produce high-quality work that makes a real difference. Our effective work approach prioritizes being effective as well as efficient.


Core values as our North stars

All Delmicians share the core values ‘accountable camaraderie’, ‘tested assumptions’, ‘continuous learning’, and ‘meaningful action’. ‘Accountable camaraderie’ reflects our collaborative spirit and personal responsibility, fostering a safe environment of mutual respect and support. ‘Continuous learning’ defines our commitment to growth and innovation, embracing change at all levels to deliver exceptional value. Our work is fulfilling as we strive to make a positive difference and bring happiness to our customers through high standards and excellence. ‘Tested assumptions’ underscores our curiosity and open-mindedness, driving us to verify rather than assume, adhering to the motto "inspect, don't expect." Together, we aim for shared success through unity, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

"Being part of Delmic's  team means much more than a journey towards electron microscopy to me. I’m surrounded by people who inspire me every day to become strong and independent. I’ve grown personally and professionally by going out of my comfort zone as I’m always given the opportunity to show my skills and my value."
Rallou Mygiaki, Installation & production engineer at Delmic