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Effective ROI Targeting

Increase the effectiveness of region of interest targeting by integrating our cryo-fluorescent light microscope into your FIB/SEM.

list-check Target the ROI directly inside your FIB/SEM

list-check Effortlessly switch between cryo-FLM and FIB milling

list-check Reduce the chances of lamella damage, contamination, and devitrification

list-check Ensure high-quality lamellae by reinspecting the sample after cryo-FIB milling


Safe And Clean Sample Preparation

Prepare your cryo-EM samples in a safe and clean environment and benefit from secure cryo-ET sample transfer

list-check Prepare your samples in a moisture-free (< 0.01% water) environment

list-check Ensure safe and ice contamination-free transfer of your cryo-ET samples

list-check Avoid rushing between stations with a transfer time of up to 30 minutes


Minimize Ice Contamination

Reduce the ice contamination during lamellae milling with the CERES Ice Shield cryo shutter.

list-check Achieve undetectable levels of ice contamination

list-check Increase the amount of data you get out of the FIB/SEM

list-check Automate your cryo-FIB milling workflow


Key advantages

Advancing your research

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Boost your productivity

Obtain more valuable lamellae from your precious samples in the cryo-ET workflow


Establish user-friendly workflows

Advance your cryo-ET workflow with our user-friendly and highly effective solutions


Save time and reduce costs

Cut down on costs by reducing the amount of cryo-TEM time to achieve the results you need

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Answer your fundamental research questions

Be the first one to make an impact with your unique results to answer your research questions

Key advantages

Empowering life science research


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“We believe this is the best solution given the axial resolution of conventional widefield microscopy and even confocal. Furthermore, with an integrated system, the fixed transformations between imaging modalities reduce the time cost of closely monitoring the fluorescence during the thinning process.”

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Förster Head of the In Situ Structural Biology Lab, Utrecht University

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“With these powerful tools, we were able to streamline the cryo-FIB/SEM automation process. Since there is no contamination visible, we were able to polish our lamellae automatically to a thickness of less than 150 nm.”

Dr. Sebastian Tacke Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology

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Our solutions

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list-check More effective ROI targeting

list-check High-quality optics to image challenging samples

list-check Easier CLEM workflow with intuitive software

list-check Reduced chance of damaged lamellae

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CERES Ice Shield

list-check Minimize lamellae ice growth

list-check Automate your cryo-FIB milling workflow

list-check Easily integrate into your cryo-FIB/SEM

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CERES Clean Station

list-check Moisture-free cryo-EM sample preparation

list-check Ice-contamination-free cryo-ET sample transfer

list-check Better sample preservation

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