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Understand the composition and formation of your geological material

list-check Gain unique textural information about your geological sample

list-check Understand the composition, history, and provenance of your rock

list-check Study inter- and intra-granular features

list-check Analyze image zonation and deformation features



Directly visualize the optical properties of nanophotonic structures

list-check Map the radiative local density of optical states

list-check list-checkCharacterizing guided and resonant optical modes

list-check Measuring angular profiles to study directionality

list-check Measuring the polarization of emission for multipolar analysis



Probe semiconductor properties and optimize their performance

list-check Probe local band edge emission and local defect band emission

list-check Analyze point defects and delocalized defects

list-check Image dopant distribution and carrier diffusion

list-check Measure damage and strain in the material



Study and tune quantum effects using cathodoluminescence

list-check Gain insight into the nanoscale (optical) properties of quantum materials

list-check Map cathodoluminescence with high spatial resolution


Why choose cathodoluminescence?

Cathodoluminescence emission can be used to explore many fundamental properties of matter. It presents a valuable source of information for fundamental research as well as applied research with a direct link to industry. Different types of cathodoluminescence detection can open up new insights about your sample.

Key advantages

Advancing your research

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Resolve optical properties at the nanoscale

Using the non-destructive and insightful cathodoluminescence technique

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Boost your scientific process

With our reliable and flexible solutions

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Directly apply to your specific research

With expert support from our application team


Easily optimize your image analysis workflows

With our intuitive, open-source software ODEMIS

Our solutions

Find the perfect solution for your research


SPARC Spectral

list-check--neutral-dark Ensures the best data quality

list-check--neutral-dark Tailored to your research needs

list-check--neutral-dark Future-proof and easily upgradeable

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list-check--neutral-dark Rapidly obtain micro- and nanoscale insights

list-check--neutral-dark Efficiently screen your materials for further analysis

list-check--neutral-dark Easy integration and operation

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SPARC Compact

list-check--neutral-dark Large area micro- and nanoscale analysis

list-check--neutral-dark Efficient and user-friendly workflow

list-check--neutral-dark Future-proof and easily upgradeable

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LAB Cube

list-check--neutral-dark Perform lifetime imaging and g(2) imaging

list-check--neutral-dark Get insights into intrinsic material properties, nanoscale quality, and defects

list-check--neutral-dark Study the quantum nature of light and single-photon emitters

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Empowering materials analysis research


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“I ultimately chose Delmic because the Delmic system is modular: One can purchase and update the system incrementally.”

Prof. Nahid Talebi Kiel University

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"The SPARC system is an elegant way to extend the microscopic analysis we perform using other methods."

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Daniel Abou-Ras Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

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"The images have exceeded our expectations and the acquisition time is remarkably fast compared to CL systems I have used in the past. The large area mapping and stitching capabilities of the Delmic software is phenomenal."

Prof. Cameron Davidson Department of Geology, Carleton College

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