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Cathodoluminescence systems to advance your research

Find an ideal solution to help you understand the optical properties of materials and devices at the nanoscale

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Why Delmic?
  • We are driven to create a cleaner and healthier future by making microscopy an easy and accessible technique
  • We are here to support you in advancing your research and the world
  • We build our system to help you answer fundamental research questions 

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We understand how difficult-to-use equipment can stop your research from moving further or stall your development process. Whether you are in the field of geosciences, materials science or nanophotonics, you want to work with systems that let you obtain measurements quickly and analyze data easily. Delmic Cathodoluminescence Solutions offer you just that: speed, reliability and flexibility. We created three CL systems: JOLT, SPARC Compact and SPARC Spectral. JOLT offers the simplest way to inspect geological, optoelectronic and other materials with panchromatic and RGB CL intensity detection. 

The system is flexible, modular and can be customized according to your research needs. SPARC Compact is an easy-to-use, turnkey cathodoluminescence detector, ideal for acquiring fast nanoscale insights. Finally, SPARC Spectral system is the most advanced CL solution which allows you to acquire high-quality CL data in a fast and simple manner. Each of the systems is accompanied by an open-source free software ODEMIS, which makes data acquisition and analysis painless and easy.


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Delmic CL Solutions offers a range of powerful and user-friendly cathodoluminescence detectors, which can help you learn more about both bulk and nanostructured materials.

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What can you achieve?

FeatureIcon_CL_SVG_270x270_Measure faster
Measure faster

Decrease measurement time and experience unprecedented collection efficiency

FeatureIcon_CL_SVG_270x270_Exchange modules
Customize your system

Perform versatile experiments with exchangeable optical modules

FeatureIcon_CL_SVG_270x270_Analyse and Acquire data
Analyze easily and acquire insights

Open-source free software ODEMIS makes data acquisition and analysis painless and easy

FeatureIcon_CL_SVG_270x270_Upgrade when needed
Upgrade when needed

Perform more advanced CL imaging modes like angle-resolved and hyperspectral CL imaging

Cam Davidson customer photo

The images have exceeded our expectations and the acquisition time is remarkably fast compared to CL systems I have used in the past.

Prof. Cameron Davidson


Carleton College

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