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Materials Analysis Made Easy


Fast and flexible CL detection

Perform cathodoluminescence (CL) imaging with ease and gain quick insights into your material.

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In a nutshell
  • Rapidly obtain micro- and nanoscale insights
  • Efficiently screen your materials for further analysis
  • Easy integration and operation

Materials insights at the nanoscale

Use the JOLT cathodoluminescence (CL) detector for rapid and convenient CL detection. Obtain powerful insights into geological materials by mapping the emitted CL intensity to reveal properties such as crystal growth, zonation, deformation, and defect structures. Or measure the CL emission of bulk materials such as semiconductors and rare-earth doped materials. To gain deeper insights into the properties of your sample, you can combine JOLT with other SEM-based techniques and perform correlative imaging, or use it as an effective screening tool for advanced characterization techniques such as mass spectrometry.

JOLT in Action

JOLT, our newest addition to the cathodoluminescence (CL) solutions family, is an entry-level CL-intensity detector based on state-of-the-art solid-state detectors. It offers direct detection, containing no moving parts. You can choose between two versions: a panchromatic detector and an RGB (colored CL) detector. Integrating the JOLT into your SEM couldn't be simpler as it is compatible with all SEM brands, is mounted on a single vacuum port, and is controlled by a small software app in combination with the SEM control computer.

Key features

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Efficient material analysis

Quickly obtain information about the intensity and color of the CL emission of a large area of your material of interest at the nanoscale

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Correlative SEM imaging

The detection geometry of the JOLT allows for simultaneous collection of BSE, in-lens, and EDS signals, making it a great tool for correlative SEM imaging.

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Compatible with any SEM model

Easily retrofitted and compatible with SEMs from all the major brands 

Easy software control

Control the detector with ease by using a small software app in combination with the SEM control computer

How can I use JOLT for my research?

JOLT is an easy-to-use instrument that helps you quickly acquire cathodoluminescence data from your sample. It is ideal for analyzing samples in the fields of geology, ceramics, and optoelectronics.

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