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Analyze your Material. Accurately and Efficiently.


High-quality CL intensity mapping

Gain high-quality cathodoluminescence (CL) intensity data easily for insightful materials analysis.

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In a nutshell
  • Large area micro- and nanoscale analysis
  • Efficient and user-friendly workflow
  • Future-proof and easily upgradable

Nanoscale insights into your materials

Use the power of the SPARC Compact CL detector to understand the structural composition and luminescence properties of your material at the nanoscale. Obtain valuable insights into processes such as crystal growth zonation in geological samples, or defect structures in semiconductor samples with high spatial resolution. Screen large areas of your sample quickly and acquire point-by-point panchromatic and monochromatic color-filtered images. Additionally, you can combine different monochromatic images for real- and false-color RGB CL imaging. After acquisition, you can easily visualize the (RGB) intensity data overlaid with the SEM image to perform quick and insightful data analysis.

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SPARC Compact in action

SPARC Compact is a user-friendly, high-end CL intensity detector that includes color-filtering capabilities. It can quickly inspect large areas with its fast PMT detector and obtain high-quality CL intensity data thanks to the efficient parabolic mirror collection optic. SPARC Compact is also compatible with other SEM detection modalities such as BSE and EDS due to its retractable mirror stage. Additionally, the system is highly modular and can be extended to perform advanced CL imaging modes such as angle-resolved and hyperspectral CL imaging.

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Key features

Customize Delmic system with exchangeable modules
Versatile imaging

Perform a variety of experiments using exchangeable optical modules

FeatureIcon_CL_SVG_270x270_Analyse and Acquire data
Efficient materials analysis

Improve the efficiency of your materials analysis workflow by quickly inspecting large areas of your sample at the nanoscale

FeatureIcon_CL_SVG_270x270_Retrofit to SEM
Retrofit to your SEM

Easily retrofitted and compatible with SEMs from all the major brands

User-friendly software

Visualize the (RGB) intensity data using the intuitive open-source software package ODEMIS 

How can I use SPARC Compact for my research?

SPARC Compact system is a perfect tool if you work in the fields of geology and materials science: it can provide insights into such processes as crystal growth zonation, deformation, provenance, and defect structures, and more.

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David Lindgren_Quote

With the SPARC Compact system we did several hundred CL measurements per week and really managed to develop methods for quick analysis of the data.

Dr. David Lindgren


Sol Voltaics

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Observing defects in rocks with cathodoluminescence

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