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SPARC Compact: fast nanoscale insights with CL

Understand more about your sample in less time with a compact, easy-to-use, turnkey cathodoluminescence detector

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SPARC Compact cathodoluminescence detector

Harness the power of light and learn more about your material with one compact solution

SPARC Compact is a high-end cathodoluminescence intensity detector, with colour-filtering capabilities. Easily integrated in SEM, SPARC Compact is a reliable solution for providing insights into processes such as crystal growth zonation in  geological samples, and defect structures in semiconductors.

This system is highly modular, which means that it can be upgraded and enhanced as your research evolves and moves forward. And just like the system, Delmic’s team is always there to support you and make sure that the high-quality results you acquire bring you one step closer to your goal.

Key features

Exchange modules in SPARC Compact
Modify and combine

Perform versatile experiments with exchangeable optical modules

Image structural composition and luminescence with SPARC Compact
Enhance your research

Understand the structural composition and luminescence properties simultaneously

Upgrade SPARC Compact with additional modules
Upgrade when needed

Extend the system to perform more advanced CL imaging modes like angle-resolved and hyperspectral CL imaging



Image and inspect large areas with SPARC Compact
Image and inspect large areas

Fast PMT detector allows rapid inspection of large areas, ideal for geological applications

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Working with SPARC Compact

David Lindgren

With the SPARC Compact system we did several hundred CL measurements per week and really managed to develop methods for quick analysis of the data.

Dr. David Lindgren


Sol Voltaics

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How can I use SPARC Compact for my research?

SPARC Compact system is a perfect tool if you work in the fields of geology and materials science: it can provide insights into such processes as crystal growth zonation, deformation, provenance, and defect structures, and more.

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