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Comprehensive Materials Analysis


High-quality CL detection for your research

Explore the full range of cathodoluminescence (CL) imaging and obtain high-quality data for powerful insights into your material of interest. 

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In a nutshell
  • Ensures the best data quality
  • Tailorable to your research needs
  • Future-proof and easily upgradable

Complete materials analysis at the nanoscale

Use the SPARC Spectral CL detector to perform a comprehensive analysis of your material of interest and gain insights into its composition, crystal structure, optical modes, and electronic band gap. Detect trace elements and dopants, or improve the device/material efficiency through defect analysis at the nanoscale. Use up to six different CL imaging modes to meet your research needs, including fast-intensity imaging, angle-resolved imaging, and hyperspectral imaging. Additionally, you can perform time-resolved CL, providing further insight into dynamical material properties.

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SPARC Spectral in action

The SPARC Spectral system is the most flexible and high-performance CL system on the market. The best data quality is ensured with its broad spectral range, unsurpassed sensitivity, and a high-quality parabolic mirror. Furthermore, it can be customized according to your research needs due to its modularity. The system is compatible with SEMs from all the major brands. The hardware’s functionality can be easily extended with current and future add-ons, while the free open-source software ensures constant access to updates, new features and scripting.

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Exchangeable imaging modules

Modify the SPARC system in a matter of minutes with exchangeable modules, gratings, and mirrors

Equipped for high-quality data acquisition

Obtain the best-quality CL data for powerful insights into your material

FeatureIcon_CL_SVG_270x270_Retrofit to SEM
Retrofit to your SEM

Easily retrofitted and compatible with SEMs from all the major brands 

Easy-to-use open-source software

Painless and easy data acquisition with the free open-source software ODEMIS

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How can I use SPARC Spectral for my research?

The SPARC Spectral system provides valuable information about your materials, complementary to other analytical techniques. It is successfully used by companies and research institutes worldwide in the fields of geology, semiconductor analysis, materials science, and nanophotonics. Check each application field to read about specific case studies.

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2023_SPARC Spectral_Customer Quote

The SPARC system is an elegant way to extend the microscopic analysis we perform using other methods.

Dr. Daniel Abou-Ras


Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

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What are the benefits of SEM-based cathodoluminescence?

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SPARC Spectral allows you to study the fundamental properties of matter in great detail. Get in touch with our experts to discover how your research can benefit.

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