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SPARC Spectral: powerful CL detector

Obtain measurements quickly and analyze data easily with the most user-friendly, flexible, and powerful cathodoluminescence detection system

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SPARC Spectral cathodoluminescence detection system by Delmic

The most flexible and reliable CL system on the market

The SPARC Spectral system is a unique cathodoluminescence (CL) solution that allows you to acquire high-quality CL data in a fast and simple manner. The system is flexible, modular, and can be customized according to your research needs. The hardware’s functionality can be extended easily with current and future add-ons, while the free open-source software constantly offers new updates and plugins. This provides the user with ample freedom to tailor the system for specific applications and experiments.

The SPARC Spectral offers up to six different CL imaging modes allowing detailed analysis of samples. Additionally, its broad spectral range, unsurpassed sensitivity, automated alignment procedure, and ultraflat parabolic mirror ensure the best data quality. The CL system is compatible with SEMs from all the major brands and can be installed on a new SEM or retrofitted to an existing SEM platform. The installation of the system is done by experienced Delmic engineers. They explain and show the possibilities of the system to make sure you acquire the highest quality results of the structural composition and luminescent properties.

Key features

Customize Delmic system with exchangeable modules
Customize your system

Modify the SPARC system in a matter of minutes with exchangeable modules, gratings, and mirrors

Measure faster with Delmic CL system
Measure faster

Decrease measurement time and experience unprecedented collection efficiency

Reproduce and compare CL measurements
Reproduce and compare measurements

Collect reproducible and comparable measurements with a fully motorized mirror stage



Analyze data with open-source software ODEMIS
Analyze easily and acquire insights

Open-source free software ODEMIS makes data acquisition and analysis painless and easy

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Working with the SPARC Spectral

Professor Ruggero Verre

We needed a tool able to experimentally measure where and how light is concentrated and focused and the SPARC Spectral system was perfect for us.

Dr. Ruggero Verre


Chalmers University of Technology

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How can I use SPARC Spectral for my research?

The SPARC Spectral system provides valuable information about the materials you study or work with, complementary to other analytical techniques. It is successfully used by companies and research institutes worldwide in the fields of geology, materials science, and nanophotonics. Check each application field to read about specific case studies.

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