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DELPHI, all-in-one solution for correlative microscopy

Perform simple correlative microscopy workflows in one powerful and easy-to-use system.

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A stand-alone DELPHI system with computer set up

Make your correlative workflow simpler with small stand-alone microscope

DELPHI is an extremely powerful and easy to use system, integrating a tabletop scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an inverted fluorescence microscope (FM). With this integration you can correlate two different types of information on the exact same cell, tissue or structure of interest. The system is extremely easy to use for both light and electron microscopy users. Because of a greatly simplified workflow you need to only load the sample once to obtain fluorescence and electron images. DELPHI opens the door to these techniques for all laboratories through a cost-efficient package that does not require experienced microscopy skills to acquire and interpret data.

Key Features

FeatureIcon_CLEM_SVG_270x270_Small footprint
Small footprint

No need for extra infrastructure or equipment and no on-site calibration is required

FeatureIcon_CLEM_SVG_270x270_Measure faster
Spend less time

Time from sample loading to correlative imaging is less than three minutes

Overlay automatically

Alignment procedure uses cathodoluminescence to ensure most precise overlay

FeatureIcon_CLEM_SVG_270x270_Analyse and Acquire data
Focus on research instead of instrument

No more manual overlaying of electron and fluorescence microscopy images

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Working with the DELPHI

 In just a few steps you can start imaging and acquire unbiased correlation of fluorescence and electron imaging. This system truly can help you reduce the risk of sample damage and alteration.

How can DELPHI be applied to my research?

DELPHI system is a perfect compact instrument for studying biological samples including whole cells cultured on cover glass, thin sections and tissues. See our resource library for a list of publications for which the DELPHI system was used.

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