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CLEM Solutions

SECOM: Ultrastructure in the spotlight

Combine the labeling power of fluorescence imaging with high resolution structural information in one integrated system.

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a close look of the integrated CLEM system SECOM with inside details

The perfect tool for studying the complex relation between form and function in biology

The SECOM platform is a unique integrated solution for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) that enables you to do correlative microscopy extremely fast with the highest optical quality and automated high-accuracy overlay. Thanks to its integrated design, switching from fluorescence to electron imaging is seamless and instantaneous. The SECOM platform can easily be integrated in the existing workflow and installed as a retrofit to an existing SEM by replacing the vacuum chamber door. It acts as a fully-equipped high-end optical microscope, without compromise on either optical or electron performance. Whether you would use it in cancer research, marine biology, neuroscience, or cell biology, The SECOM platform and the Delmic team will support you and help you achieve the best results. 

Key features

FeatureIcon_CLEM_SVG_270x270_Retrofit to SEM
Retrofit on any SEM

Seamlessly switch from fluorescence to electron imaging without taking out the sample

Image faster with a convenient workflow

With the automated alignment procedure, you can directly image the right location at a high resolution

Focus on your research instead of instrument

No more manual overlaying of electron microscopy and fluorescence microscopy images

Acquire accurate and unbiased results

EM and FM images are always aligned perfectly with the unique automated overlay procedure

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Working with the SECOM

Getting the results you need is easy with the most seamless correlative light and electron microscopy workflow available. See for yourself!

Integrated CLEM image of a marine bacteria in marine microbiology

It gives us the possibility to identify different types of bacteria in environmental samples by the hybridization of these cells with specific HRP probes, after which we image them with the SEM.

Dr. Sten Littman


MPI for Marine Microbiology

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SECOM SR: the integrated super-resolution CLEM system

The perfect solution for obtaining super-resolution optical images overlaid with high resolution EM

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a SECOM system installed on quanta

Key Features

feature Icon of SECOM showing high quality optical components
Sub-diffraction limited imaging

Down to 80 nm optical resolution demonstrated with 200 nm thin sections with HeLa cells

feature Icon of SECOM showing how SECOM can beat diffraction barrier
Optimized workflow for SR-CLEM in vacuo

Optimal sample preparation that preserves fluorescence while providing sufficient EM contrast. Workflow involving the collection of sequences of ~30000 images

feature Icon of SECOM showing high signal collection efficiency
High signal collection efficiency

Optical imaging with high NA objective lens using vacuum-compatible immersion oil

feature Icon of SECOM showing the alignment process
Imaging with standard fluorescent proteins

Optical imaging of in-resin fluorescence from widely used fluorescence proteins GFP and RFP, with EM providing ground truth data

Consumables for SECOM

a white square of cover slips consumables for SECOM
Conducting ITO-coated glass coverslips

Suited for use in the SECOM. One box contains 20 ITO coated coverslips.

a silver round sample holder,  consumables for SECOM
Sample carrier rings for SECOM platform

Suited for use in the SECOM. One box contains 20 sample carrier rings.

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How can SECOM and SECOM SR be applied to my research?

The systems are being used worldwide for various fields, ranging from cancer research, marine microbiology, neuroscience, cell biology to geology. See our resource library for a list of publications for which the SECOM system was used.

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