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Unlock the power of cryo-ET with cryo workflow solutions

Understand the way the building blocks of life work with the next generation integrated and automated cryo systems.

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Why Delmic?
  • We are driven to create a healthier future by making cryo microscopy an easy and accessible technique
  • We are here to focus on the microscopy solutions that would dramatically increase your research output
  • We aim to help you obtain detailed structural and functional information of biological processes for your scientific breakthrough

Disruptive innovation for your cryo-ET research

Cryogenic Electron Tomography (Cryo-ET) can provide powerful information to advance the understanding of fundamental life sciences and holds vast promises for biomedical applications. It uniquely resolves tertiary and quaternary biomolecular structures and interactions within the cellular environment. However, the application of cryo-ET to biological research is currently hampered by the requirement of generating very thin lamellae from biological samples, of which the success rate is low due to various technological challenges. Our aim is to overcome these challenges and to provide innovations that dramatically streamline and transform the cryo-ET workflow.

At Delmic Cryo, we develop powerful solutions to make your cryo workflow simple and accessible. We began the journey with METEOR, the first commercially available integrated cryo-CLEM system. With METEOR you can drastically reduce transfer steps and improve sample yield. We brought the CERES Ice Defence System to the market to solve another pain point - CERES Ice Defence System minimises ice contamination at every step of your cryo-EM workflow to maximise your throughput. 

Choose your ideal cryo solution

Delmic user-friendly and reliable cryo systems will help you to dramatically increase sample yield, 
obtain high quality, powerful data much faster and allow you to understand intermolecular interaction better.

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What can you achieve?

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Boost productivity

Get more cryo-EM data from your precious cryogenic samples for your analysis

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Benefit from user-friendly and environmentally friendly workflow

Advance your workflow with our user-friendly, highly effective and environmentally friendly solutions

Gain time and cost efficiencies

Save costs by needing less cryo-TEM time to achieve the results you need. Use your time and funding more wisely

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Answer fundamental questions and advance the world

Be the first one to make an impact with your results 

Sebastian Quote

With these powerful tools, we were able to streamline the cryo-FIB/SEM automation process. Since there is no contamination visible, we were able to polish our lamellae automatically to a thickness of less than 150 nm on average, that was hitherto not possible with contamination.

Dr. Sebastian Tacke


Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology

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