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Reveal fluorescence. Easily and effectively.


High-quality fluorescence imaging integrated into your FIB/SEM

Reduce risky transfer steps in your cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) workflow and increase the effectiveness of region of interest (ROI) targeting to ensure high-quality lamellae preparation.

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In a nutshell
  • More effective ROI targeting
  • High-quality optics to image challenging samples
  • Easier CLEM workflow with intuitive software
  • Reduced chance of damaged lamellae

Target your ROI effectively

Reduce the complexity of your cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) workflow using METEOR. Identify the ROI easily before milling by effortlessly switching between FLM and SEM, and lower the chance of damage, contamination, and devitrification. Additionally, you can reinspect the sample with FLM directly after milling to ensure high-quality lamellae.

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Superb data quality

Benefit from high-quality optics to confidently mill at the correct area and accurately image challenging samples. Obtain a more precise and direct fluorescence light microscopy (FLM) and EM image correlation to get statistically significant data to answer your research question.

Easily adaptable

METEOR is a top-down fluorescent light microscope that is designed as a retrofit in a FIB/SEM chamber. It is easily customizable, whether you work with plunge frozen or high-pressure frozen samples, perform on-grid milling or lift-out. METEOR comes with ODEMIS, a user-friendly open-source acquisition software that will ensure image acquisition parameters are primed for high-quality fluorescence images.

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Key features of METEOR

Icon_CRYOBlue_In Situ ROI
Integrated ROI detection

Effortlessly switch between imaging modes with integrated FLM to identify your ROI without risky sample transfers.

Retrofit to FIB/SEM

Our experienced installation engineers install METEOR, fully compatible with FIB/SEM systems from multiple vendors.

Icon_CRYOBlue_Seamless Switching
Customization and modularity

Customize the optical path by selecting the objective, camera and emission filters according to your imaging needs

User-friendly software

Control all FLM settings as well as the FIB/SEM sample stage and take stitched overview images  with our intuitive open-source software ODEMIS.

Can I use METEOR for my research?

METEOR is a powerful system to facilitate the studies of biological samples in their near-native cellular environment. It can be applied to a wide range of research areas, such as neuroscience, cell biology, microbiology, and virology. Above all, METEOR is easily adaptable to your sample preparation workflow.

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Photo_Anna, Cristina, Oda

METEOR has the potential to drastically improve our sample yield, especially when dealing with bright and abundant fluorescence targets. Anyone who wants to perform correlative cryo-FIB milling can benefit from an integrated FLM system...

Anna Bieber and Cristina Capitanio


Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

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Upgrade your FIB/SEM with METEOR

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Preparing cryo-lamellae with the guidance of METEOR


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2022_METEOR_Blog Highlight
Electron microscopy image of lamella overlaid with deconvolved, maximum intensity projection of the FLM image

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METEOR improves the cryo-ET workflow efficiency and streamlines cryo-CLEM. Get in touch with our experts to discover how your research can benefit.

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