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Fast Imaging

High-throughput electron microscopy, from sample to insights

Reduce your sample-to-image time: experience an innovative electron microscopy workflow, fueled by automation, reliability, and speed.

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Why Delmic?
  • We are driven to create a healthier future by making electron microscopy an easy and accessible technique
  • We believe that faster imaging of large biological samples transforms electron microscopy into a powerful tool that provides quantitative answers to scientific questions rather than simply qualitative indications

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Next-generation electron microscopy workflow

Electron microscopy (EM) is an essential technique in life science that allows biologists to examine cells, cellular processes, and organelle architectures at nanometer resolution. Most traditional EM workflows still have issues that limit their effectiveness as a biological investigation tool. Typically low throughput and the requirement for a high level of human intervention are the most limiting factors.

We believe that real scientific microscopy breakthroughs happen with state-of-the-art microscopy solutions, automated, fast, and accessible to anyone.

At Fast Imaging, we develop such powerful solutions to optimize the whole workflow, from sample preparation to data analysis. Our FAST-EM system, a high-throughput, and fully automated electron microscope can acquire images 100 times faster compared to standard SEM microscopes and image samples for 3 days unattended.

FAST-EM easily integrates with existing automated techniques for sample preparation and provides data management capabilities for seamless and automated visualization of your fields of view.

What can you achieve?

Icon_FastEM_Large volume sample preparation
Prepare your samples easily

Our systems are compatible with large volume sample preparation techniques

Image significantly faster

Automation and the speed of the system allows you to acquire large areas significantly faster

Icon_FastEM_Seamless visualization
Seamless and automated visualization

Navigate through your regions of interest on your favourite visualization tool

Icon_FastEM_Connect analysis tool
Easily connect your analysis tools

Our extensible data interface allows you to directly plugin the images acquired with FAST-EM to your favourite analysis tools

Experience optimized EM workflow

Delmic user-friendly and reliable system will help you to start acquiring electron microscopy images 100 times faster and making statistically significant conclusions from your data, whether that is in pathology, connectomics, toxicology, or cell biology.

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Fast Imaging

We typically don’t take 3D images because if you have a large area, it takes us 6 hours for one 2D image. If you want to have a thousand sections, it will take a year. If you now have a very fast microscope, we can go for 3D imaging within a week of such a section.

Ben Giepmans, Principal Investigator


University Medical Center Groningen

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