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Large-scale EM Imaging. Faster and Automated.

Ultra-fast automated electron microscope

Image biological thin samples at unprecedented speeds, with a level of automation that enables large-scale imaging without the need for constant supervision.

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In a nutshell
  • Speed up your EM workflow
  • Enable large-scale imaging
  • Get more statistically sound conclusions

Large-scale imaging with nanometer resolution

FAST-EM, an ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope, enables large-scale EM imaging. It makes it possible to compare the ultrastructure of healthy and diseased tissue and perform screens on drug treatments, all while retaining nanometer-range resolution. It enables a rapid, unbiased method of data collection, without constant supervision. FAST-EM is also highly beneficial for volume-EM, as larger volumes can be imaged within a shorter amount of time. This opens the way to ever-larger projects, such as imaging an entire hemisphere or even an entire mouse brain for connectomics. 

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FAST-EM in action

FAST-EM was designed together with ThermoFisher, Technolution, and TU Delft to make complex EM workflows simple and efficient. The system uses optical Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) for image formation, for which the samples need to be collected on scintillators. The FAST-EM allows for the loading of up to nine scintillator substrates at the same time.

To achieve high-throughput imaging, FAST-EM uses 64 electron beams, which are scanned over the sample in parallel. The reliability of the microscope and the software allow the operator to leave the system running without constant supervision, allowing you to shift the focus from microscope operation to data analysis.

Key features of FAST-EM

Icon_FastEM_64 beams
64 parallel electron beams

High image acquisition with 64 parallel electron beams and short dwell times

Icon_FastEMViolet_Rigid support
Rigid uniform substrate

The scintillator screen allows the loading of up to nine substrates at the same time

Icon_FastEM_STEM imaging
STEM imaging

Collect nanoscale detail while retaining the larger context of the sample

Robust automation software

Leave the system to automatically acquire complex datasets without constant supervision

How can I use FAST-EM for my research?

The FAST-EM system is particularly beneficial for the analysis of any biological material in life sciences. It can be used in neurobiology, cell biology, histology, plant biology, digital pathology, and biomaterials.

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2023_FI_Jacob Photo_Quote

FAST-EM offers new possibilities for my field of research - correlative light electron microscopy, especially in terms of neurons or system development. The electron microscope is now going to give volumes and areas that used to be the domain of light microscopy only.

Dr. Jacob Hoogenboom


Faculty of Applied Sciences, TU Delft

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