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SPARC module for
time-resolved cathodoluminescence

The LAB Cube is a time-resolved module for the SPARC spectral cathodoluminescence system, which allows performing lifetime imaging and g(2) experiments. Delmic LAB Cube module is a unique and easy-to-use system, which can be retrofitted on any Scanning Electron Microscopy and standard or new SPARC system without any extra modification.  

The LAB Cube module is the only product that allows performing g(2) imaging. Furthermore, together with a pulsed electron microscope, the LAB Cube is a great tool for studying lifetime imaging by performing CL decay-trace measurements.

Measuring time dynamics in cathodoluminescence is highly relevant for a large range of applications. It includes semiconductors for optoelectronics, single-photon emitters system for quantum information processing and sensing. The LAB Cube can be used for fundamental research and quality control, assisting people in academia, development and production environments. 



Lab Cube time-resolved CL

Product_sheetg2-2Schematic overview of the LAB Cube system which can be used for g(2) acquisition. SPARC CL system is coupled into an optical fiber using the fiber coupler module which sends the light to the LAB Cube system containing a Hanbury Brown-Twiss system with a beam splitter (BS) and two ultrafast Single Photon Detectors (SPDs). The signals from the detectors are read out by the time-correlator system. 

Easy to install, straightforward to use

The Delmic LAB Cube is coupled with the SPARC system with an optical fiber, using the Fiber Coupler Module. 

Installation and use are straightforward:
  • No modifications to SEM required
  • Measure with a continuous electron beam
  • No compromises to existing hardware and functionalities
  • Switch readily from lifetime imaging to any other CL mode
  • Overnight acquisitions for more accurate measurements



If you are interested in the SPARC brochure with the exact system specifications, you can download it here.

For specific questions regarding the LAB Cube Module and the SPARC platform, feel free to contact our CL application specialist, Toon Coenen, at For more general inquiries about other uses of the SPARC system, please contact Daan van Oosten Slingeland at