DELMIC's in-house application specialists are experts in correlative and cathodoluminescence microscopes, and are continuously working together with scientists in various fields to develop leading innovations in microscopy.

Find here a collection of application notes, technical notes, white papers, and dissertations written by DELMIC's specialists:


Journal articles

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Super-resolution correlative microscopy

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Luminescence database for geological materials
Database of refractive indices
Widgets for calculating transition radiation and surface plasmon generation in a material
Electron interaction Monte Carlo simulator

Journal articles

Inorganic materials

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Biological CL Imaging

Ultrabright and Stable Luminescent Labels for Correlative Cathodoluminescence Electron Microscopy Bioimaging K. Keevend, L. Puust, K. Kurvits, L. R. H. Gerken, F. H. L. Starsich, J.-H. Li, M. T. Matter, A. Spyrogianni, G. A. Sotiriou, M. Stiefel, I. K. Herrmann, Nano Lett. (2019)

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Time-resolved CL Imaging

Complementary cathodoluminescence lifetime configurations in a scanning electron microscope S. Meuret, M. Solà Garcia, T. Coenen, E. Kieft, H. Zeijlemaker, M. Lätzel, S. Christiansen, S. Y. Woo, Y.-H. Ra, Z. Mi, and A. Polman, Ultramicroscopy 197, 28-38 (2019)

Nanoscale Relative Emission Efficiency Mapping Using Cathodoluminescence g(2) Imaging. S. Meuret, T. Coenen, S. Y. Woo, Y.-H. Ra, Z. Mi, and A. Polman, Nano Lett. 18, 2288-2293 (2018)

Photon bunching reveals single-electron cathodoluminescence excitation efficiency in InGaN quantum wells. S. Meuret, T. Coenen, H. Zeijlemaker, M. Latzel, S. Christiansen, S. Conesa Boj, and A. Polman, Phys. Rev. B 96, 035308 (2017)

Material Sciences:

Shape-preserving transformation of carbonate minerals into lead halide perovskite semiconductors based on ion exchange/insertion reactions T. Holtus, L. Helmbrecht, H. C. Hendrikse,, I. Baglai, S. Meuret, G. W. P. Adhyaksa, E. C. Garnett and W. L. Noorduin, Nature Chemistry 10, 740-745 (2018)

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Microscopic materials properties of a high-efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cell - a case study. M. Krause, A. Nikolaeva, P. Jackson, D. Hariskos, W. Witte, D. Abou-Ras.

Fluctuations in net doping and lifetime in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells. A. Nikolaeva, M. Krause, J. Marquez, C. Hages, S. Levcenko, T. Unold, W. Witte, D. Hariskos, D. Abou-Ras.

Light Emission Intensities of Luminescent Y2O3:Eu and Gd2O3:Eu Particles of Various Sizes. J. Adam , W. Metzger, M. Koch, P. Rogin, T. Coenen, J. S. Atchison, and P. König, Nanomaterials 7, 26 (2017)

Phase Segregation Enhanced Ion Movement in Efficient Inorganic CsPbIBr2 Solar Cells. W. Li, M. U. Rothmann, A. Liu, Z. Wang, Y. Zhang, A. R. Pascoe, J. Lu, L. Jiang, Y. Chen, F. Huang, Y. Peng, Q. Bao, J. Etheridge, U. Bach, and Y.-B. Cheng, Adv. Energy Mater. 17, 1700946 (2017)

Growth and Luminescence of Polytypic InP on Epitaxial Graphene.
S. Mukherjee, N. Nateghi, R. M. Jacobberger, E. Bouthillier, M. de la Mata, J. Arbiol, T. Coenen, D. Cardinal, P. Levesque, P. Desjardins, R. Martel, M. S. Arnold, O. Moutanabbir, Adv. Funct. Mater. 8, 1705592 (2018)

Efficient Green Emission from Wurtzite AlxIn1−xP Nanowires . L. Gagliano, M. Kruijsse, J. D. D. Schefold, A. Belabbes, M. A. Verheijen, S. Meuret, S. Koelling, A. Polman, F. Bechstedt, J. E. M. Haverkort, and E. P. A. M. Bakkers, Nano Lett. (2018)

Non-peer reviewed journals

Antennes bepalen waarheen en hoe snel een foton uitgezonden wordt. T. Coenen, M. Frimmer, A. Polman, and A. F. Koenderink, Ned. Tijdschrift v. Natuurkunde (Journal of the Dutch Physical Society) 78, 62-66 (2011)

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Cathodoluminescence microscopy: Optical imaging and spectroscopy with deep-subwavelength resolution. T. Coenen, B. J. M. Brenny, E. J. R. Vesseur, and A. Polman, MRS Bull. 40, 359-365 (2015)

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