Fast SEM imaging

In electron microscopy, the speed of the electron microscope has become the bottleneck in being able to image large volumes of samples. This limits our understanding of biological processes, as whole tissues, brains or organisms are impossible to image at an acceptable time scale.

A collaboration between TU Delft, Thermo Fisher and Technolution and Delmic is developing an automated multibeam scanning electron microscope which combines simultaneous 64-beam electron imaging with a sensitive transmission electron detection scheme (‘optical STEM’). By increasing imaging speed and reducing operator overhead, this imaging approach presents a fundament shift in high-throughput electron microscopy of biological specimens.

This technology will enable the next step in biological electron microscopy - it will enable imaging of large volumes of tissues, organisms or allow statistical analysis of the behaviour of thousands of cells.

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We will be introducing our fast electron microscopy solution for the first time during the emc2020. If you would like to be the first one to experience this fast automated solution capable of examining large samples with a high sustained throughput, then reserve your remote demonstration. 

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