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We are determined to help your company produce higher quality products with our reliable and fast microscopy solutions.

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How can we help you?
  • Understand more about your materials faster
  • Save costs by identifying defects at early stage
  • Produce higher quality products with higher yield

Reliable microscopy solutions that can handle any workload

Having worked with research departments of many companies, we know exactly what can cause the biggest stress: equipment that is difficult to use, that doesn’t get upgraded, that slows down the process, and that is not reliable enough when a lot of samples have to be imaged. When doing quality control and failure analysis of your samples, efficient and fast instruments are necessary. Our advanced solutions make sure that this process doesn’t cause you any headache.

Whether you are working with photovoltaic materials or producing LEDs, or semiconductor nanostructures, such as nanoparticles, nanowires, metamolecules, metasurfaces, and photonic crystals, we can help you find the best solutions supporting you during your work and helping you acquire high quality data reliably.

Solutions to help you

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SPARC Spectral: High-performance cathodoluminescence (CL) detector.

Ideal for fast and sensitive material characterization at the nanoscale. Learn more

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SPARC Compact: Efficient and easy-to-use cathodoluminescence detector.

Perfect for studying CL intensity maps of i.e. semiconductors and geological samples. Learn more

FeatureIcon_SVG_270x270_Panchromatic or RGB
JOLT: Basic cathodoluminescence solution.

Fast panchromatic and RGB cathodoluminescence detection. Learn more

Cryo solutions for industry
Integrated cryo solutions

Cryogenic solutions that facilitate business growth. Learn more

What can we help you with?

One thing that we are most proud of is the relationship we build with our customers. Most importantly, we value honesty and good work. When you are working with us, we can promise that:

  • We will help you with your needs and challenges by listening
  • We will be let you focus on your work, not the instrument
  • We will be growing and getting better, together

How will we make your life better?

Together with our service and support, the solutions we produce will make your work easier and help you achieve results faster. We will ensure this by:

  • Customizing our solutions to your needs
  • Upgrading our systems and offering constant software support
  • Finding the best workflows for your application together
David Lindgren_Quote

With SPARC Compact system we did several hundred CL measurements per week and really managed to develop methods for quick analysis of the data.

Dr. David Lindgren


Sol Voltaics

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Which applications can we help you with?

Our cathodoluminescence solutions are used by companies to study various materials and perform failure and defect analysis, metrology, study light transport, scattering, and much more. 

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