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Take your research to a higher level with Delmic

We aim to help you carry out new findings in your research field with user-friendly and reliable solutions.

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How we can help you
  • Carry out new findings with innovative solutions
  • Focus on research with easy-to-use equipment
  • Get results faster with easier workflows
  • Answer fundamental research questions

Focus on research, not the instrument

Powerful insights are essential for strong findings and important conclusions in any research work. Hence, we are dedicated to helping researchers produce better quality data when studying samples with microscopy by consistently developing advanced solutions and providing great service.

Having worked with researchers in academia closely for many years, Delmic fully understands the pains and goals professionals have while performing microscopy in various research fields.

We understand how difficult-to-use equipment can stop your research from moving further and deeper. Most of the time all you need are the right devices, that are able to provide you reliable insights fast and easily. Therefore, Delmic is determined to develop innovative world-leading solutions which are designed not only to offer you outstanding quality but also simplify your workflows to the maximum.

What we offer

Cathodoluminescence (CL) solutions

Perfect for studying various materials including geological and semiconductor samples. Learn more

Observe life at the molecular scale
Cryo-ET solutions

Observe life at the molecular scale with simple automated solutions for cryo-electron tomography. Learn more

on the results, not the machine, and let you observe life at the molecular scale.

Inspect data faster with fast EM solutions
Fast Imaging solutions

Answer fundamental questions with reliable and high throughput electron microscopy workflows. Learn more

Integrated Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (iCLEM) solutions

Study the relation of biological form and function in one device in a seamless workflow. Learn more

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Personalized great service

Careful and quick service and support from our experts tailored to your specific challenges

What can we help you with?

Working with Delmic, your problems will be taken care of quickly and patiently. Our user-friendly products, great service and expertise are all made to empower your research leading to new findings.  

  • Powerful images and data
  • Easy to use products and software, allowing you to study samples effortlessly
  • Simple workflows making your research seamless
  • Reliable systems enabling you to focus on research

How can we make your life better?

Your research can be smooth with Delmic’s great solutions and services. Delmic is your strong and trustworthy support on your way to reaching the next academic achievement. We will ensure this by:

  • Scaling up and fastening your research
  • Letting you focus on analyzing data and making conclusions
  • Guiding you with simple workflows
  • Helping you achieve breakthroughs in your field
Ruggero Verre_Quote

Delmic has developed an integrated solution and provided excellent one-to-one support which has been of help to our research.

Dr. Ruggero Verre


Chalmers University of Technology

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Which applications can we help you with?

Our microscopy solutions are used by academic researchers in various fields, ranging from biology, geology to materials science and nanophotonics.

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