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CERES Ice Defence System: powerful tools for minimizing ice contamination

Obtain better quality cryo electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and cryo electron tomography (cryo-ET) results, higher throughput, and higher resolution

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Minimize ice contamination at every step of your cryo-EM workflow with maximum protection

A common challenge in the cryo-EM workflows is to keep samples vitrified and ice contamination free. Ice contamination can happen in various steps of the cryo-EM workflow whenever moisture in the sample environment condenses onto the cryo-sample. The effects of ice contamination on the cryo-samples can be devastating in some cases – obscuring rare events, wasting cell samples that took weeks to prepare, or even precious human patient samples.

In order to tackle this issue, CERES Ice Defence System is tailored to minimize ice contamination at the different steps of your cryo electron microscopy (cryo-EM) workflow – preparation, transfer and lamella generation, with corresponding tools – CERES Clean Station, CERES Vitri-Lock and CERES Ice Shield. Together, these tools aim to help you obtain the highest quality cryo-EM samples, with higher throughput and world-class results. No more wasted time on complex sample preparation which results in unusable lamellae. Instead, spend more time focusing on what really matters: understanding the building blocks of life with cryo-EM and getting closer to the next breakthrough.

This work is supported by the European SME2 grant № 879673.

Key advantages

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Boost your productivity

Get more cryo-EM data from your precious cryogenic samples for your analysis. Minimize ice contamination more effectively at every step -  sample preparation, transfers, and even during lamella milling.

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Obtain high quality and high resolution cryo-EM data with ease

Suffer not from low cryo-EM data quality due to parasitic ice growth or ice crystals obscuring your regions of interest. Get the data throughput you need from your frost free samples. Make your scientific breakthrough more quickly.

Gain time and cost efficiencies

Spend your cryo-TEM time better on uncontaminated samples. Save costs by needing less cryo-TEM time to achieve the results you need. Use your time and funding more wisely.

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Enjoy a more user-friendly and environmentally friendly workflow

Advance your workflow with our user-friendly, highly effective and environmentally friendly workflow.

Working with CERES Ice Defence System

With the innovative CERES Ice Defence System, your cryogenic samples get maximum protection from ice contamination during lamellae preparation, enabling you to get powerful insight into the building blocks of life with ease.

Sebastian Quote

We streamlined the cryo-FIB/SEM automation process and are enabled to polish our lamellae automatically to a thickness of less than 150nm.

Dr. Sebastian Tacke


Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology

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What can I achieve by using CERES?

How many times have you ended up with a cryo sample that is contaminated with ice? According to our research, almost 40% of cryo samples become contaminated with ice! Additionally, an astounding 43% of our respondents only discover this parasitic ice growth when it’s too late and imaging at the cryo transmission electron microscope has already begun. CERES Ice Defence System keeps ice away from your precious sample, allowing you to obtain world-class results.

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Your cryo sample without and with CERES Ice Defence system

How can CERES Ice Defence System be applied to my research?

CERES Ice Defence System is a powerful solution to help you obtain high quality cryo-EM samples and high throughput! It can be applied to a wide range of research areas, such as cell biology and virology. 

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